What’s Amazon smile & What’s the main difference between Amazon and smile?

What's the difference between Amazon and amazon smile?

Have you seen the Amazon smile website or want to know about Amazon smile? In this article, we will know more about Amazon smile and the difference between Amazon and smile.

Amazon Smile has donated about 377 million dollars to US charities.

What is Amazon smile or smile?

Amazon Smile is a website designed and developed by Amazon which offers support to various donation programs of your choice with 0.5% of the items you purchase. 

The main advantage is that the product price remains the same as on amazon.com. 

Amazon Smile is managed by the Amazon smile Foundation which donates the money against your purchase which is 0.5%.

Is there any downside to Amazon smile?

The answer is yes and no because the main downside is that it only donates 0.5% of the amount you purchase which is not a substantial donation. Like, to donate $25 to your favorite charity you have to spend about $5,000 on Amazon.

So, Amazon smile will not have a big impact but it is still good to buy from Amazon smile because you can regularly support your favorite charity.

How to sign up for Amazon smile? 

How to sign up for Amazon Smile on the web browser?

  1. Visit smile.amazon.com  and sign in with your amazon.com account.
  2. Select your charity and start shopping

Note: You have to check out smile.amazon.com to donate to your chosen charity 

What's the difference between Amazon and amazon smile?
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How to sign up for Amazon smile on the Amazon app? 

  1. Open your Amazon shopping app and navigate to the main menu
  2.  open settings and select Amazon smile

Once done your future purchase will automatically generate a donation for your chosen charity.

How to donate old items to charity (with an Amazon smile)?

Once you open smile.amazon.com,  head over to the donate required items and donate the items you want to donate. 

Why is my nonprofit not listed on Amazon smile? 

First of all the organization should appear in Guidestar which will help them accept third-party donations from Amazon smile. 

 For more information, you can go to org.amazon.com and navigate to receive donations.

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